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14.00 - 15.15
Session 1: Rules of the game, Policy mechanisms for low carbon consumption
Session Chair: Ms. Hong Sin Kwek, Founder, CrowdFunding Asia, Singapore
Changing policies is hard work.  The panel discussion will debate which are the most critical policy measures governments should take to enable low carbon consumption.  One type of policy from each category will be showcased by policy makers and businesses from the following types: legal instruments, financial instruments, mainstreaming, and sustainable public procurement.

Video: Policy mechanisms for low carbon consumption, UN Environment
MAINSTREAM!  5 Year Plans, Eco-Civilization, and implementation instruments – China’s experience with integrating sustainable lifestyles at multiple levels of policy
Mr. Shi Feng, Deputy Division Director, China-Asean Environmental Cooperation Centre, China

TAX! How financial instruments facilitate private sector action for electric mobility
Sasiranga de Silva, Low Carbon Mobility Entrepreneur, Sri Lanka

LEAD by EXAMPLE! India’s experience with sustainable public procurement
Sanjay Aggarwal, Ministry of Finance, India

STANDARDS: ASEAN’s experience with harmonizing regional standards on sustainable lighting
Weeraphon Aotharnsakun, Signify (Philips Lighting), Thailand

Panel discussion: Which innovative policy solutions are the most important for changing the rules of the game to support low carbon consumption?

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