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15.45 – 17.00
Session 2: Show Me The Money, Using Financial Mechanisms For Low Carbon Consumption
Session Chair: Steven Stone, Chief, Resources and Markets Branch
Economy Division, UN Environment
This session will present and discuss the lead ‘characters’ of the financing world, who will share information about financing sources needed to drive public and private investment to achieve low carbon consumption.

Video: Financing for low carbon consumption, UN Environment
THE CROWDFUNDER: Democratizing investment by letting the public invest, one dollar at a time
Ms. Hong Sin Kwek, CEO of CrowdFunding, Singapore

THE VENTURE CAPITALIST: Investing in the un-investible – how VCs are breathing life into innovation by investing in businesses with higher risk and longer payback periods
Shailesh Vikram Singh, Managing Partner, Massive Fund, India

BLENDING PRIVATE AND PUBLIC FINANCE: Channeling capital towards sustainable supply chains
Angela Chen, Advisor, Akipeo, Philippines

GREENING FINANCE: How the IFC is enabling low carbon solutions  
Kalina B. Miller, Financial Institutions Group, IFC, Thailand

Panel discussion: What type of innovative financial mechanisms can finance the transition towards a circular economy?
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