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9.15 – 10.30
Session 3. Sectoral healing, Business action for cleaning up our consumption one sector at a time
Session Chair: Jessica Cheam, EcoBusiness, Singapore
This session will identify both readily available and innovative best practices, policies and lessons learned from efforts by different stakeholders on low carbon consumption in the region. 

Video: Business models for low carbon consumption, UN Environment
MOBILITY: Radically changing our mobility choices with shared roads and eMobility
Sharon Meng, APAC Head of Growth, Mobike, China

PLASTIC: How the food and beverage sector is innovating in the fight against plastic litter
Edwin Seah, Head of Sustainability and Communication, Food Industry Asia, Singapore

FOOD: How to bring sustainability to our most loved commodity: Rice  
Wyn Ellis, Coordinator, Sustainable Rice Platform, Thailand 

eCOMMERCE: Leveraging the eCommerce boom to integrate sustainability into our consumption choices
Jamie Brennan, Lazada Group, Thailand

FOODèMOBILITY: Bridging between food and mobility sectors for circular economy  
Robert Earley, Chief Operating Officer, MotionECO, China   

Panel Discussion: Which kinds of innovative business models should be encouraged?
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