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11.00 – 12.15
Session 4."What the tech?"
Disruptive Tech Innovations for low carbon consumption
Session Chair: Lewis Akenji, SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility , Director, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan
The panel discussion will shed light on technological revolutions Asia and the Pacific should expect in the next 5 years, and how they can be used for low carbon consumption.
Technologies: Smart meters, Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, digitization, Deep Learning, Automation
Applications: Supply chain transparency, tokenizing recycling, facilitating p2p clean energy transactions, tracking compliance of environmental treaties, enabling CSOs and decentralized action, Carbon Footprinting of products to set carbon tax prices, incentives through reputation currency.

Video: Technologies for low carbon consumption, UN Environment
INTERNET OF THINGS: How Blockchain can enable sustainable consumption through traceability, engagement and consumer information
Tim Hadsel-Mares, Regional Director, ScanTrust, Thailand

BLOCKCHAIN: Unlocking peer to peer transactions in smart grids
Lathika Chandra Mouli, Business Development Manager, Energo Labs, China 

SMART MOBILITY: Optimizing urban traffic using new technologies
Daniel Kondor, Senseable City Lab, Future Urban Mobility group, MIT Singapore

MACHINE LEARNING: How ML is optimizing our transport choices
Hassam Ud-din, Founder, Rasai ride sharing and route optimization platform, Pakistan

BIOMIMICRY: Nature-inspired cooling based on traditional technology
Monish Siripurapu Kumar, Founder, CoolAnt, India

Panel Discussion: How can we embed sustainability into the technological innovation wave? 
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