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13.45 – 15.15
Session 5. "Capturing hearts and minds of Asia"
How culture, psychology and economics shape behaviour
Session Chair: Dr Divya Datt, Director, Integrated Policy Analysis, The Energy and Resources Institute, India
Faith based groups, behavioral economists and publicists know more about our behaviours than we realize.  Behaviour economists are the leaders behind successful behaviour change campaigns for health.  In this panel discussion, our societies' thought leaders share insights into the hearts and minds of Asia's cultures, and how to apply this through policy and business action on low carbon consumption 

Video: Behavior change for low carbon consumption, UN Environment
BEHAVE: What is a Behavioural Insight Team, and why are governments building them to influence our behavior through subtle policy shifts
Alexander Clark, Advisor, Behavioural Insight Team, Singapore 

NUDGE: Norwegian experiences in applying nudging techniques
Stig Traavik, Lead Indonesia Advisor at Antler Venture Capital, Indonesia

MEDIA: How to win media partners for sustainability 
Blessen Kizhakkethottam, Deutsche Welle TV, Germany

FEELIN’ IT: Three elements of successful behavior change campaigns
Jacob Holder, Hill and Knowlton Strategies, Thailand   

Panel Discussion: What types of cultural innovations could underpin the type of transformative change we want to achieve?
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